Im trying to list a folder of pdf files in html page so that user can download them. I'm able to do this for a single file, but not sure on how to do for a folder. :( My view is : def plot_graph_single_fsn(request): payload = {"fsns": "values", "signals": "signals", "responseFormat": "csv" } response_data =, data=json.dumps(payload)) # Writing response to csv file temp_file_name = 'temp_csv.csv' with open(temp_file_name, 'w') as temp_file: temp_file.writelines(response_data.content.decode('utf-8')) # calling script that generated pdf folder from csv csv_file = os.path.abspath('tmp.csv') util_path = os.getcwd() process = subprocess.Popen(['python', util_path + '/Utils/' + '', csv_file], stdout=subprocess.PIPE) a, err = process.communicate() print "\n" return HttpResponse(folder_path)